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Connecting Expression with Impression

True strategic communication requires a combination of art and science. The definitions below explain how Z Communication applies our usage of "Connecting Expression with Impression." However, the scientific basis for such usage is drawn from the highly regarded Shannon & Weaver Model (1947) of effective communication.

Webster's Definition Z Communication's Usage
Expression Expression (A Well-managed Message)
Putting into words, stating; esp. with eloquence; a look, intonation, etc. that conveys meaning. A precisely crafted statement designed to build a valued relationship with target audiences that is aligned with business objectives.
Impression Impression (The Desired Perception)
To affect strongly the mind or emotions of; to fix in the memory; an imprint; an effect produced on the mind. Target audiences interpret messages in a way that accurately reflects their intended meaning. The correct perception is achieved, which serves to build goodwill and/or to elicit desired behavior.


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