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One understated benefit to Z Communication clients is the additional depth of service we are able to provide through the efforts of our student associates. More commonly called "interns," these individuals are far from common. They are carefully screened and recruited each semester from universities throughout the region.

The word is out. An internship with Z Communication is a highly sought after experience. Students gain hands-on experience, real-world learning, and sincere mentoring by working alongside the firm president.

Those extra arms and legs help us to better keep our fingers on the pulse of issues and trends of that effect our clients' businesses. Interns work on "safe accounts" like helping to market the firm and supporting the activities of the Philadelphia AMA. Best of all, any time that they contribute to benefit clients is complimentary.

Interested in gaining hands-on experience, real-world learning and sincere mentoring?

We are seeking interns who are self-motivated, organized and passionate because we challenge them to work to their potential. Your internship experience would be powered by your own initiative, creativity, and performance. Here's what some of our former interns say:

"This internship was such a defining experience for me not only professionally, but also personally. I have learned things that could never be taught in the classroom, or expressed in words of a textbook. I have learned by being challenged." - J. Hanna, Temple University, Summer '04 Intern -

"Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with you! It's clear how much effort you put into Z Communication and your enthusiasm is contagious!" - L. Lizerbram, Penn State University, Summer '04 Intern -

"Interning with Z Communication provided me with excellent opportunities in the fields of public relations and marketing. Matt's guided leadership allowed me to participate in numerous hands-on learning activities that I would not have achieved elsewhere. I really enjoyed working on the basis of flex time, which allowed me to work around my busy schedule." - Brooke Bickel, Lasalle University, Intern Spring 2004

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to Intern@Zcommunication.com.
You will be informed of any next step within one week.


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