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Credibility is the key ingredient to accurately convey a company's true brand identity. To this end, getting publicity news coverage becomes a powerful marketing tool. There are tens of thousands of newspapers, consumer and business magazines, trade publications, newswire services, syndicated columnists, and newsletters through which a company can obtain a supportive print story. The increasing specialization of broadcast TV news programs, cable channels and radio stations offers a company more targeted opportunities to reach specific audiences en masse. And the rising use of online news media presents a whole new domain through which a company can communicate. Among its many benefits, generating news publicity:
  • Reinforces advertising campaigns by "priming" audiences to be more receptive to them
  • Extends company messages to reach more consumers beyond the reach of paid advertising
  • Provides unmatched credibility for a company, its products and/or services
  • Creates greater awareness that help facilitate desired business relationships
  • Raises the visibility of company leaders and individual experts
  • Builds and shapes a company's brand image among the public
One of the greatest challenges in "packaging" a company's news to the mainstream media is staying abreast of the particular format of each media type, the deadlines of each media outlet and the preferences of each individual reporter. Z Communication is experienced at identifying and catering to these nuances. We develop a media information kit for each client and customize the contents to fulfill each media pitch.

Pitching the media involves dynamic skill. On one hand, the greatest news in the world may as well not have happened if it does not reach the right media at the right time with the right approach. It must connect with the right journalists with a compelling presentation that grabs their limited attention. On the other hand, having the best media contacts in the world will not help a company if its news is not worthy of coverage.

Z Communication finds ways to be opportunistic on our clients' behalf. If there is a lack of news happening, we help clients create it. This may involve conducting a survey for the purpose of reporting the findings, sponsoring or creating a timely event, or using guerilla marketing tactics to garner select attention. If there are any trends that lend themselves to our clients' expertise, we typically "piggyback" on that news coverage to generate exposure for our spokespersons. We find good reasons to contact target reporters, such as selflessly offering them a news tip, asking about their editorial calendar listings and coverage of event observances, or by following up about a relevant article or segment they have recently published or aired. Z Communication has the right resources and the right experience to manage news most effectively for our clients.


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