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Terms of Use

Z Communication insists on mutual respect. This section explains our commitment to protect your privacy and serve your interests with this site's content. It also describes your reciprocal responsibilities to safeguard our copyrights and to hold Z Communication harmless for any use of this site and of those to which it links.

Please read this agreement carefully before accessing this web site. By accessing this site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. If you do not consent to these terms and conditions, you may not access or use this site.

1) Permission to Browse Site and Limited Permission to Make Copies
You may browse this site for information and may print copies of its contents for your own use. Written permission is required, however, if you want to incorporate the contents into you own site or written materials, create "derivative works" or revise the site contents. In addition, you may not "mirror" or paraphrase the contents of this site without Z Communication's written permission. Although it may be easy to copy in cyberspace, this does not make it legal to do so.

2) Copyrights
The Z Communication logo, name, tagline and the proprietary content on this site are all Copyright ©2002-2005 Z Communication, Inc. Therefore, copyright in the pages and in the screens displaying the pages, and in the information and material therein and in their arrangement, is owned by Z Communication and Matthew S. Zinman, APR, unless otherwise indicated. Some of the contents of this site may be registered with the Federal Copyright Office. Please familiarize yourself with U.S and International Copyright laws and other intellectual property laws before using any material.

Z Communication is working hard to ensure that the information provided on this site is accurate and up-to-date, but due to the risk that the information may be compromised by software or procedural errors, the accuracy or completeness of the information provided on this site is not guaranteed. Z Communication reserves the right to make changes to the content of this site from time to time without notice or obligation.

The material on this site may be used only for your personal and non-commercial use, with this exception: You may occasionally reproduce, distribute, display or transmit an insubstantial portion of Z Communication proprietary content, for a noncommercial purpose and without charge, to a limited number of individuals, provided you include all copyright notices and do not alter the content in any way. However, you may not post any such content to forums, newsgroups, mail lists, electronic bulletin boards or other Web sites without the prior written consent of Z Communication.

3) No Warranties; Limitations of Liability:
Z Communication assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions on this web site. Access to this site is provided as is without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.

Z Communication shall not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including without limitation, lost revenues or lost profits, which may result for the use of this site.

4) Links to Third Party Sites
Please understand that when you access another web site through this one, Z Communication can accept no responsibility for your experience with the other site. In addition, a link to a non-Z Communication site does not mean that Z Communication specifically endorses or recommends that site or its contents, but simply offers such sites as a resource to our visitors.

5) Privacy Policy
Z Communication's Privacy Policy represents our firm commitment to combine the highest quality news, information, service and products with the highest degree of integrity in dealing with visitors to our web site.

We respect the privacy of every individual who visits our website. This privacy policy outlines how we collect, store and use information about our visitors. It will be continuously reexamined in light of new technologies, new business practices and the changing needs of our visitors.

We will take appropriate measures to ensure the security and privacy of any personally identifiable information that we collect. Under no circumstances will Z Communication furnish or distribute personally identifying information to outside organizations, entities or companies without a user's consent.

We may place "cookies" in the browser file of your computer. Cookies are intended to provide an enhanced user experience by making this site more useful by storing information about your preferences. The use of cookies is an industry standard, and many commercial Web sites use them to provide useful features for their visitors. Cookies in and of themselves do not personally identify users, although they do identify a user's computer. Most browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Netscape, are initially set up to accept all cookies. If you'd prefer, you can set yours to refuse stored cookies. However, if you do not accept temporary (per-session) cookies, you may not be able to take full advantage of some features of our web site.

6) Ownership, Maintenance And Hosting
This web site is owned and maintained by Z Communication, a network-based, full-service marketing and corporate communication firm that delivers exceptional client service for less. The site is hosted by Netlisters, Inc., (Host) a Web Presence Provider headquartered in Southampton, Pennsylvania, United States.

7] Application of Information
Unless explicitly indicated, any suggestions, changes or corrections submitted to Z Communication and its owner, Matthew Zinman, APR, shall be used to improve the content of the Site.

8) E-Mail Messages
In addition to links, which permit the sending of e-mail messages to the Owner, this site may include courtesy and/or reciprocal e-mail links to third parties. Where possible, any such links are configured with a custom e-mail address that has been provided by said third party. All such e-mails also include pre-filled subject lines by which the recipient is made aware of the origin of said message. Any such information is inserted directly into a new message form in the visitor's default e-mail application. It is then up to the visitor to compose and forward the message by way of his/her own Access Provider.

9) Legal Precedence
The laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and those governing the United States of America apply to these Terms of Service, and shall take precedence at all times no matter where this Web site is viewed. These Terms of Service may be revised from time to time. Use of this web site constitutes agreement to the Terms of Service that are posted at the time of use.

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