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Z Work Samples

The work samples chosen for this site illustrate Z Communication's unique strategic approach. More are available upon request. These particular samples are based on trigger marketing strategies, which take more than "Connecting Expression with Impression." Its core principle is to impress upon target audiences at the time that they are most sensitized to receive such messages and to take action. Triggering is at the heart of behavior marketing. The "trigger" comes into play when that desired behavior is associated with a relevant life event.

If you want to promote free health screenings, invite consumers at the time they reach a milestone birthday, like ages 40, 50 or 60. If you want to sell maternity clothes, find a way to reach women in their first trimester. If you want to persuade consumers to invest in life insurance policies, target men after their wives deliver a new baby, or when their first grandchild nears college age. If you want to raise money for cancer, get endorsed by a national sports hero like Lance Armstrong to inspire a trend of Americans wearing yellow bracelets, or represent various other causes with colored ribbons.

Trigger marketing is powerful. It can also be done by associating non-relevant events, like when the National Fire Safety Council promoted daylight savings time as when to change the batteries in smoke detectors along with when clocks were adjusted back or ahead. This particular program endured great success for many years.

Triggering is about "priming" an audience by planting a seed and then using that seed as the trigger for what awareness needs to grow. The trigger serves to cut through many other bits of competing information in the consumer consciousness. Below are two work samples that illustrate the concept of triggering.

Hospital Workflow Repair Kit
Siemens Medical Services and Health Corporation

When Siemens sought to launch its $20 million flagship software product, Soarian®, which was a central solution in managing hospital administration and clinical care, it was imperative to make the right impression on influential trade media.

Though still in its "beta" stage, the long-awaited software held the promise of solving so many technical shortcomings, especially those that inhibited proper workflow. A strategy was developed to target key healthcare trade journalists with a high impact mailing to bring attention to the issue of poor hospital workflow and position Siemens as the leader in developing solutions for it.

More than 100 boxes of Pampers baby wipes were converted into "Hospital Workflow Repair Kits" using medical toys to represent various key message points. Examples include a thermometer to represent "metrics," a band-aid to represent "pain points," and a condom to represent "shared risk." The purpose of calling it a "Repair Kit" was to heighten the fact that workflow had indeed been a problem in need of fixing. Generating awareness about problems surrounding workflow created a "trigger" to be pulled three weeks later when the Soarian product was released as a single solution to the many problems.
The core purpose was to "prime the media" by more readily convincing target journalists to participate in a worldwide Web conference to announce the new technology. Journalists were invited using a "press kit in a box," which had a similar appeal as the Workflow Repair Kit. The media turnout and subsequent news coverage far exceeded expectations. This created a strong foundation of credibility on which Soarian's success continues to be built.

"Tax Day" Postcard Trigger Mailings Bush Levin Tecosky Zinman (BLTZ)

Z Communication, Inc. positioned Bush Levin Tecosky Zinman (BLTZ) as THE REGION'S MOST DEPENDABLE certified public accounting and financial services firm.

BLTZ typically experiences an annual influx of new clients in May because they are disgruntled with their former accountant(s). This presented a clear opportunity for a trigger mailing campaign.

So, three weeks prior to April 15, 2004, more than 4,000 area business owners received an introductory oversized postcard with a blind-folded businessman about to step off a narrow-path cliff. It posed the question, "Does Your Accountant Have You on the Right Path? The personalized mailer incented recipients with a free tax review and 10% credit on the first year of services with BLTZ.

The week after "Tax Day," the same audience received a similar postcard, this time with the image of a compass, which was superimposed with dollar signs in place of the four main directions. It read, "Let Us Guide You with Dependability," and had the same incentive as the first mailer.

The first mailing was designed to be the trigger. It posed the question to target business owners that they may not be getting the best service from their current accountants and it presented BLTZ as a viable alternative. If prospects identified with the man in the first mailing as not being on the right path, then the image of the compass on the second mailing identified BLTZ as dependable consultants with the experience and expertise to guide and serve them properly.

Overall, the mailings were very well-received and remain memorable among a continuing number of prospects and new clients.


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