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What Makes News... News?*

  • Timeliness: It is current, involves a new angle or trend
    • Hard "perishable" news (gets covered now or never)
    • Soft "evergreen" news (could be covered anytime)
  • Proximity: it pertains to local issues, trends, or events
    • It is exclusive to the coverage area of the media outlet
  • Impact: It has high relevance to the media audience
  • Consequence: it informs or educates
    • It is important to lifestyle or one's ability to cope
    • It has moral or social importance
  • Novelty: It has human interest, uniqueness, humor, or great visuals
  • Prominence: It involves high-profile public figures
  • Exclusivity: Sole or "first reporting" news rights are granted
Examples of Newsworthy Occurrences
  • New products and services (informs, has consequence)
  • Expert commentary on a topic or trend (educates)
  • Financial performance reporting (impact)
  • New research (insight, impact)
  • Business alliance (proximity, consequence)
  • Seasonal events (human interest, timeliness)
  • Unusual jobs or employee hobbies (great visual, human interest)
  • Community service projects (local angle)
  • Organization or individual awards (prominence)
  • Production records (novelty)
  • Construction activities, economic development (consequence)
  • Organizational milestones (prominence)
* Source: On Deadline: Managing Media Relations, Carole M. Howard, Wilma K. Mathews, Third Edition, 2000, Waveland Press, Inc.


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